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08 Apr 2021

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Dr. Fong, Ph.D. explains how the brain can be affected by COVID-19 and how it compares to patients with mTBI or concussions. She goes into intricate detail about how COVID-19 affects the brain, what parts of your brain are affected, and how you can combat the effects of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has many lasting effects that some people have to endure after recovering from the virus's initial effects. Some of these effects include brain fog and separation of neurons from blood flow; two very common symptoms in concussions and mTBI patients. Our doctors at Cognitive FX have been busy doing ample COVID 19 Research that has provided insight into the ongoing effects of Covid on the brain.

In this case study, Dr. Fong worked with a post-COVID 19 Patient that showed common symptoms with a post-concussion syndrome (PCS) patient. The video explains the comparison between the two types of patients and sheds some light and insight on how post-COVID-19 patients may be affected and how they can potentially recover from lingering symptoms.


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Want more information on COVID-19 and the long term effects on your brain? Check out this blog post:

Important Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:17 COVID-19 can worsen ABI
00:38 Research
01:19 Organ damage from COVID-19
01:51 "Long Haulers"
03:34 Neurological effects of COVID-19
05:01 Is COVID an acquired brain injury (ABI)?
05:16 Neurovascular Coupling (NVC)
06:50 "Seeing" the invisible injury (fMRI)
07:13 fMRI
09:10 NVC Dysfunction
09:41 EPIC Treatment
10:50 Significant improvement
12:45 How to treat COVID-induced ABI?
13:17 Tips for surviving COVID with a brain injury
14:35 Checklist for patients and caregivers
15:07 Where do we go from here?
15:31 There is hope!
16:09 Future Updates

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